Embodied Space

Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media by Jason Farman explores the intersecting mediums of space/place and new technology. New technology like smartphones allows the user to be part of both the physical and virtual worlds – to embody a space that is physical and yet also rooted in the virtual interfaces.

Embodiment is almost impossible to articulate as a single entity; instead there is a multiplicity to it as it intersects the physical and the virtual world. It is inhabited space and can (and does) exist in both realms, or in a single realm. It is also simultaneously a construct, made up of perceptions that occur due to living inside a culture.

The interface of technology helps us to extend the space we embody physically into the digital realm. If used productively, the new technological interface can extend our experience. The difficulty comes in recognizing what helps extend a physical experience and what detracts from that experience.

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