Spreadsheets are My Friends: Excel as a Supplement to PastPerfect in Reconciling Old Paperwork

I’ve been a fan of Excel spreadsheets for a while. They were useful in planning college class schedules and budgets. I even used them in museum internships, once for listing education collection items that we couldn’t find paperwork for but the curator remembered so that if she ever left, someone else would know about them. […]

Impressions of Hampton Court Palace

I thought I would start reviewing castles and palaces I visited in Europe, starting with the four I used for my thesis, in the hopes that I would remember to post here more regularly. We’ll begin¬†with Hampton Court Palace. I loved visiting Hampton Court Palace outside London. Hampton Court is actually two palaces in one: […]

Creating My Masters’ Thesis Topic

Now that I finally got my thesis sent in to my committee, the only thing I have left to worry about is my defense. My advisor told me to prepare a talk (max. 10 minutes) in which to describe how I came up with my topic and recap the major points of my thesis. While […]

Update and Cardiff Castle thesis chapter

Hello! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I’ve written on here. So much for my New Year’s Resolution to use social media more (although I have gotten better at Twitter at least). Maybe this can be a summer’s resolution to do this more regularly (once every week or two) – although the […]

Open Palace Programme – Weeks 1 and 2 Overview

I’ve been having such a great experience through the Open Palace Programme!! It’s been a great group of people with helpful, wonderful mentors. I have been learning so much and taking tons of notes and photos; I’m probably still missing some things, but I think most of it should come back with me. The session […]

Embodied Space

Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media by Jason Farman explores the intersecting mediums of space/place and new technology. New technology like smartphones allows the user to be part of both the physical and virtual worlds – to embody a space that is physical and yet also rooted in the virtual interfaces. Embodiment is […]

A Brief Discussion of Virtual History Tours

Thanks to Ryah for sharing the information about undersea Google Earth in Sydney Harbor with me in the short course earlier today. With just a quick glance, this seems to be a very interesting concept underway and a great way to get students interested in oceans, marine wildlife and flora, and science/biology. Now the question […]

Digital Humanities Risk Project

In the late 1800s, the insurance business was about ‘taking a risk.’ These risks were calculated into financial terms. Loss was also part of this insurance business as papers discussed ‘a loss of __’ as well as in general damage terms. Through force-directed graphs and sankey diagrams (which show relationships, connections and flow), it is […]